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Sculptures and bas reliefs with male or female figures were widely incorporated into architecture in the Art Deco period of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, and therefore many pieces in the Renaissance Man collection
consist of panels or bronze medallions that echo the facades of buildings from that era. The male and female figures are often stylized and frieze-like, and sometimes they are set amidst Art Deco skylines, complete with ziggurated skyscrapers and pointed towers.

  • Some were created by great masters of the period, such as Karl Korschann and A. Ouline in France, and Rene Chambellan and Donald De Lue in America.
  • Some depict strong, stylized animals, such as the two lions depicted by Ouline, or the flying geese in a medal by Tait McKenzie.
  • Some show the male or female figure in calm repose (such as the New York Building Congress Medal by Leo Friedlander), and others show the figure hard at work or highly active (such as Donald De Lue's Creation medal).

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